Thursday, July 9, 2009

Richard Goh Baking Stage 2 (2)

Apple Pie/Blueberry Fresh Cream Cake
Due to my baking lesson with Richard is on Thursday afternoon, I have been taking half day leave to attend eversince I started work in July. In order not to miss his lessons which will continue to Stage 5, I make my way to Ngee Soon Central Comunity Club to continue my baking journey with him. The facility in Ngee Soon CC is definitely uncomparable to Yio Chu Kang CC. The classroom is very small and quite run down. Due to it is a weekend class, it was jam pack. I have no choice but to beg Richard to allow me to squeeze into this class. I had already missed one lesson for this stage 2 baking. So will have to wait for make-up if he starts new lesson in otherCC.

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