Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cream Puff

Hurray! The puff looks so beautiful. Its my 1st try and is successful (thanks to Peng's recipe). My plan is to put in durian filling. But couldn't get durian last min, so replace durian to choco cream filling. To my horror, I had not add in any sugar and the cream is so bitter. What a waste, all has to go into the bin.

Chewy Mochi Bread

I love this Mochi Bread. Had heard lots of good comments on this chewy bread, but couldn't get the bread mix from SG, so fly to Taiwan to search for it (No lah, happened to plan for holiday in Taiwan). This is lovely. I couldn't help eating it non-stop..

Tuna & Ham Bun

Have learnt this bread from Aunty Yo sometime back. But couldn't find time to bake till now.
Though appearance doesn't look good, but the taste is definitely comparable to those from bakery shop or even better. My kids have been barking me for more now..