Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barbie Doll Fondant

I intended to made Barbie doll cake for my younger
gal's b'day this coming May. But since now my niece
requested for the same cake, I shall take this as an
warm-up exercise...
The fondant is rather soft and is not easy to wrap
around the Barbie. It stretches...
But I had tried my best....Happy Birthday Jolyn..

Oops..My cake crack once i inserted the Barbie in.

I should have cut a bigger hole in the centre to

allow more space.

The Barbie skirt is made up with 3 sizes of butter cake.
6", 5", 4".


  1. Your skills has improved significantly ! well done... but if it's for alot of children - this cake is defintly not enough ?

    For your sake, I created a blog -thus there's nothing to read...

  2. Hi Linda, you bake well too. We can exchange tips and learn from each other.
    This cake more than enough for 25 people. At first i thought its not enough to go round. But to my surprise, we still have some left. Everyone has got a reasonable piece =)