Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake

I got this recipe from myculinaryjournal quite some time
ago. It has been sitting in my file till today that I decided
to clear my Philadelphia cheese which I bought some
time back. The texture is rather moist too. But it required
quite a long baking time than it was stated in the recipe.
It took me about 1hr30 mins to bake. Result is very
good. Everyone likes it very much, will definite bake
this again.

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Ingredients A:
250g cream cheese
60g castor sugar
1 egg
Ingredients B:
180g butter (I use 150g)
150g castor sugar
3 eggs
3 tbsp cocoa powder
120g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1. Beat ingrediten A till light and fluffy. Set aside.
2. Ingredients B, cream butter and sugar. Add in eggs
one at a time. Add in combined dry ingredients (Flour,
cocoa powder, baking powder). Mix well.
3. Pour half chocolate batter into 7" square tin. Then pour
in cream cheese mixture. Pour the remaining portion
if chocolate batter.
4. Baked in oven at 180 C for 1hr 30 mins.
5. Cool well and store cake in the fridge.


  1. Hi Eron,

    Looks yummy ! Maybe I should try too .. cos I have 1 more block of cheese.


  2. Cream cheese and cocoa, looks really good! Love the wavy marble effect.