Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu...this cake has been sitting in my bake list for long.
Since the day I had learnt this cake from Richard, I had bought
some of the ingredients from him then. Finally I decided to
bake this cake for my dear R's birthday today. Though the alcohol
in the cake was not suitable for children, but my girls still
had 2 small pieces each. And they requested me not to put
alcohol the next time, so they can eat more....Upon request,
I will soon bake another non-alcohol tiramisu cake for them...

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  1. Very lovely birthday cake!
    The cocoa powder and creamy rich filling looks very inviting! A marriage of Coffee & cocoa.

    This is one cake i will like to try too however put off cos of the addition of liquor. I think i shall follow suit to bake without liquor.

  2. Hi Eron,

    This is one cake I want to make badly. the recipe I have mainly use sponge fingers and not sponge layers. The cake is definitely very well done! I suppose u used chocolate mould to shape your chocolate decorations?

    cheers and happy baking

  3. Hi Jes, You should try this cake. Really yummy. I gonna bake another one soon without liquor :)

    Hi Bakertan, Thanks for your compliment. I like this tiramisu with sponge layers but I will try the finger sponge next time :) Hmm...I did not mould my own chocolate, I bought it :P

  4. Esther your tiramisu is tempting me to dig out RG recipe to try his bake again! =) Thumbs up!

  5. Hi LH, Richard's tiramisu cake is really yummy. And I will try another tiramisu soon with finger sponge next time :)

  6. The cake looks so yummy... I'd like to try make it... can I have the recipe?