Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wholemeal Bread

Make this simple and easy wholemeal bread for breakfast. Simply spread some butter on it and it taste so good. Will definitely make more often.

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  1. Looks healthy and yummy. Wonder can share with me the recipe. Many thanks :)

  2. Looks fresh & yummilicious with butter!

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  4. Hi Fatmum, I'm using Richard's recipe. I think you have it , right? If not, I will forward you. Let me know:)

    Hi Jessie, Have you tried baking the wholemeal bread? I personally like it very much ^-^

    FYI, bread flour cannot keep for too long. I just throw away one packet...found little worms in the flour...ieeee...

  5. Hi Eron, i have not tried the wholemeal bread we learnt. Infact, have not even tried the fruit cake. Keep buying and stocking up but never utilise it lol...
    However, i finally got my chiffon right!
    I threw a pack of bread flour too :(

  6. Eron, found the recipe. Cos I never attend this lesson so didn't realise its in there. Thanks.