Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Cakes for Daughter's Friend

"Mummy, can you bake 2 birthday cakes for my friend?" Daughter asked.

"OK." I replied.

"I want a Monkey cake and Elephant cake" she happily said.

"???..What!!" Thinking your mum is super mum? She really

think so highly of me, can do whatever she requested....

'OK, I try.' Not confident if I can do it, but just try....

So this is the two birthday cakes that I produce...


  1. 妈妈最棒!am sure your girl will appreciate what mummy have do for her! I miss attending RG class :)

  2. Thanks LH. I missed RG class too and also all the mummies I get to know there.

  3. Great to see you back!
    Lovely colours! I'm sure the girls love it! I like the pink elep especially, so sweet looking.
    Now that both of you mention RG class, i misssssed it too! The fun, the laughter, the chatter (tho i'm the low profile one there). However, it was through this class, i get to know u, how wonderful ;)
    Look forward for more of your bakes coming up yah!Till we meet again, take care. Keep in touch :)

  4. Thank you Jes for always remember me and dropping little notes to say 'hi'. Now I have a little more time at home and hopefully I can whip up something every now and then :) Take care...

  5. WoW! that is so cute. . im sure she like it much.=0
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  6. The monkey is so cute! I'm sure the cake was eaten and enjoyed.

  7. They're great! I love the little pink elephant on the top! So cute.

  8. Thanks Taylor & Dolly for visiting and your
    sweet words :) Have a great days ahead..

  9. hey, these cakes looks so good, i'm spanish and i can't write in english a lot of things but i like this blog very much, i will follow your blog.Just now i'm started a blog,may it can be interesting for you.. sorry about my english. Tania

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