Monday, March 29, 2010

Creaming Class

Once we completed from stage 5 of Richard's baking class, we managed to gather enough pupil to sign up for his creaming class. This is a hands-on lesson that we will have to bring a sponge cake,
butter cream, baking tools, etc..
Most of us had a wonderful afternoon, learning how to pipe different patterns using same nozzle and decorate our cake. I am pleased to meet fatmum in the class. Though we have 1st met one another, but it seems that we had know each long ago....LH, 我们一起加油吧!

Above cake done by me using Chiffon cake bought from cake shop. Since chiffon has a hole in centre, my fellow classmates were kind enough to scrape off the top layer of cake skin, and stuff it into my chiffon, so my chiffon is a full round cake now. The left cake was decorated by me. Richard finds it too plain and beautify it with coloured cream (right). When brought home the cake, my girls were so fascinated over it. Keep saying Mummy so clever....haha...

Below cakes were done by my fellow classmates. Don't you think they did very well?

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  1. How i regretted not signing up. Indeed fun and interesting class!

  2. Hi Jes,
    Yes, you should have join us. Indeed it was fun and challenging. We had a great time spreading cream evenly on cake and to pipe patterns on it. We had been briefed through on what we will be doing for the 8 lessons with Richard. Every lessons is going to be very challenging like, drawing cartoons, moulding cake in different shapes, making basket, assemble cakes and etc...Keep a look out on my blog *v*

  3. Yes Esther. 我们一起加油吧!

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