Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kidz Bake

A surprise birthday cakes baked by my children and their friend. They took out my recipes file and decided on the butter cake. My elder girl trying hard to recall how I beat the eggs and butter and stirred in the batter using hands. I guessed they must have had a Happy Time baking this cake (Luckily I'm not at home seeing the baking process). They used the left over whipped cream to cover the butter cakes and ransacked my cupboard which I store my baking stuffs and used them to decorate the cakes. Till now, I still don't have the heart to open the cupboard. Told my helper to pack properly 1st before I open it. Overall, I would say a 1st time baker without my guidiance, the result is good. Most importantly, its the thought that counts....Thank you my Beautie, Sweetie, Cutie and their friend, Kerrie.....What a lovely cakes you had baked for me.....

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